2002: The idea of certification for patent information professionals was brought up during a round-table discussion at the EPIDOS meeting
2009: Start of the collaboration of the Patent Documentation Group (PDG), the Confederacy of European Patent Information User Groups (CEPIUG) and the Patent Information User Group (PIUG)
2011: Mock exams held in London (GB), Munich (DE), The Hague (NL), Stockholm (SE) and New Brunswick NJ (US)
2012: Results and evaluation of mock exams
2012-2018 activities:
- Articles and Rules and Code-of-Conduct finalised after two rounds of public feedback (see Historical overview Articles, Rules, Code of Conduct for an overview of the major changes)
- Structure of ISBQPIP set up
- Prior Experience Recognition (PER or 'grandfathering') procedure set up (one-off opportunity per region)
- Drafting of first 'real' examination papers plus the marking schemes
- Updated the list of required skills and knowledge (Schedule 1 and 2 in the Syllabus)
- Identified useful sources to enhance knowledge (see Education and Training document)
31 August 2018: ISBQPIP officially established and registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague (Netherlands)
December 2018-March 2019: Opportunity for patent information professionals in Europe and the USA to become QPIP-certified via Prior Experience Recognition