Why certification?

What are the reasons to set up a certification for patent information professionals?
People working in this profession observe the following:

  • in the 'Google-age' many people believe that everybody can search nowadays and that everything is available for free on the internet
  • there is a growing number of search service companies, but it is difficult to determine the quality of these services
  • it takes time and effort to become an all-round patent information professional and it is a responsible job (missing crucial documents may be disastrous), however, the job is not always valued

Therefore the aim of certification of patent information professionals is:

  • to set professional standards
  • to give a kind of quality assurance (although as with any examination there is no guarantee that all who pass have the desired quality level)
  • to get recognition of the profession, and thereby maybe make it more attractive
  • It is not the intention to make the examination and certification of patent information professionals mandatory, however, it could become widely adopted.